Virgin Mary and The real Rose of Jericho

Virgin Mary and The real Rose of Jericho

The plant real Rose of Jericho was first mentioned when the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus fled from Israel through the Judean Desert and moved near the town of Jericho, there for the first time she saw the dry Rose and when the Rose gets wet it just opened in front of her eye, the miracle of the dry plant opened wide when it gets wet reminded her the rebirth of Jesus and Mary welcomed blessed therefore the plant and carried it with her everywhere.

Since then, many Christian believers know the qualities of the real Rose of Jericho plant and are run in families between generations, due to the great durability of the plant you can transmit from generation to generation and still see the miracle over the years. The plant grows in the deserts of the Middle East and the Judean desert near the city of Jericho, therefore called the Rose of Jericho.

The real Rose of Jericho plant is a desert plant that adapts to small amounts of water but one feature makes it appeal especially when the real Rose of Jericho plant ends must it dries and closes along with its seeds, and spread the seeds form when enough rain will ensure the next seeds generation and so it remains closed until the arrival of rain, on the next year the real Rose of Jericho plant wet again and opens his arms and disperse the seeds, but not all of them is scattering only some of them, and every year the rain is continuing to open the real Rose of Jericho and disperse more seeds.

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