Tradition Rose of Jericho

Tradition Rose of Jericho

Acceptable to move the rose to the next generation and they give it to grandchildren, so over the years and generations, the plant is known as a plant that brings blessing and prosperity to every home where he is.

Families use to hold the Rose of Jericho in the center of the house that’s will protect the entire family, the mere presence of the plant in a calming and peaceful home and especially peace and brotherhood. Holidays is a perfect opportunity to show the wonders of the plant just get all the family together and put the Rose with water, after few minutes it will be – like you can see in this video

The Rose will be opened, after that you can let dry and it will have closed You can also put inside it something valuable and the real Rose of Jericho plant will guard, that with the closure of dry branches the item will be save and kept in the plant until the next time you open it again The water in which the plant was is very holy and practices to spread the water to all the corners of the house to get blessed

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