Real Rose of Jericho

Real Rose of Jericho -Jerusalem

THE HOLY LAND Rose of Jericho It’s the Christmas miracle plant! That grows in the holy land – Israel between Jerusalem and the dead sea. On the dry landscapes of Israel, the Rose of Jericho – Anastatica hierochuntica.

The real Rose of Jericho dries up, breaks free of its roots, and rolls, spreading its seeds along the way, similarly to that iconic tumble weed. More along the lines of a sea sponge, the plant will suck up water through its capillary system long after it’s officially dead. The ROSE OF JERICHO shouldn’t sit in water too long, though. After a week it starts getting mold. This is perhaps the only drawback of the miracle plant.

You can buy the real Rose of Jericho by ordering it from this site. The Virgin Mary blessed the eternal plant during the flight from Nazareth to Egypt. These days the plant represents new beginnings, hope, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One man told me that the ROSE OF JERICHO is traditionally passed on to the next generation as an important part of one’s inheritance.

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