the Real Rose of Jericho – birth or fertility

the Real Rose of Jericho - birth or fertility

If you are looking for a natural plant that will help you in childbirth then this is the Real Rose of Jericho or by its other name the flower of Mariam that will help you in your birth or fertility.

When the birth begins, the midwife places the Real dry Rose of Jericho in a bowl of hot water next to the mother. During childbirth the mother sweats gently, her cervix softens and opens, and so the Real Rose of Jericho begins to soften and expand and open just like the process the mother goes through at birth.

The Mariam flower in its scientific name – Anastatica hierochuntica is a small shrub that grows in the Jericho Valley in Israel and among its most popular medicinal uses is birth relief. Whether its medicinal properties encourage expansion or whether it is a powerful imaging tool for mothers, traditional midwives have used a bitter flower for centuries. The the Real Rose of Jericho has many names and is also called “the leaf of Miriam”   mother of Jesus in Christianity. “The Hand of Fatima”   daughter of the Prophet Muhammad in Islam

Anastatica hierochuntica as a medicine

It is reconstituted with water and taken inside for colds, menstruation, epilepsy, uterine bleeding and soothing pain and birth support. In some places it is used as incense during childbirth, and as a liquid is used to treat conjunctivitis and other eye problems. the Real Rose of Jericho has also made his way to Europe where it is used in Christmas celebrations. It is also used medicinally in countries where it does not grow; In Malaysia it is commonly used for childbirth, where many women purchase herbal preparations directly from traditional midwives.

Its components include alkaloids, anesthetics, bioflavonoids, glucosinolates, saponins, sterols / triterpenes and tannins. It also contains a number of useful elements for pregnancy and childbirth, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron; In particular, calcium and magnesium work together to coordinate and regulate smooth muscle contractions.

There are many stories about a bitter flower on the net, where women attest to its usefulness, although I have not yet seen a good description and information on dosage for internal use. However, I recommend using this plant only externally.

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