We are a small company who is growing the plant under optimum conditions on the fields in the Judean desert, we are the only ones who provide the plant to the world including free delivery, usually within communities of Christian believers and evangelists the use to give the plant as a gift to the whole community, we are heading toward communities that acquire large quantities and offer them substantial discounts It is not easy to grow the plant and it takes two years to grow it until it reaches the appropriate size for marketing, beyond that we make a very strict quality control on the product and make sure we deliver it to the customer without seed that because there are countries that prohibit the entry of seeds in their territory The plant comes in fancy packaging ready to give as a Christian holiday gift.



Real Rose of Jericho

Myrrh Essential Oil


Real Rose of Jericho



Real Rose of Jericho



Real Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho big

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